Goodbye forms. Hello Noobeek.

Better than Typeform, because Noobeek is not just for forms but for complete applications.

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Any type of business application

Project management, issue and bug tracking, customer relationship management, invoicing, inventory, vacations, worksheets, documents, etc. Create the application you need, at your own taste.

For non developers

You don't need to write code. With a few clicks in a few minutes you will have an application running and ready to use. An application that a professional developer with Java, PHP, JavaScript or .NET would need several days to develop.

Powerful application

List mode with paging, ordering, filtering, adding / removing / moving columns, PDF reports, export to Excel, cards format, charts, etc. Detail mode with dialogs, references, lists, discussion, rich text, attachments, images gallery, responsive layout, AJAX user interface with no page reloading, etc. 

In the cloud

Your application and your data are in the cloud. If your computer crashes you don't lose any data. Your application is available for everyone in the world with a browser.

Advanced user/roles management

You can assign users to roles and roles to modules. A module can be defined as public (always available for everybody) or hidden (never available). The user can change his own password. Noobeek allows you to restrict buttons, fields, references and lists of some modules to certain users. Also it's possible to mark fields as read only for certain users. Therefore you can get a fine-grained security without programming.

Mobile and touch screens

Just browse your application from a mobile device and Noobeek will generate for you a mobile user interface with security, navigation, list mode, detail mode, fields, references, lists, etc. Moreover, the desktop version is touch friendly, so you can use it from a Windows 10 touch screen, an Android tablet or an iPad without any problem, not as most desktop web applications that are too mouse-centric.


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